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“The one thing you need to live in Manhattan is not money … it’s a good reason.”
-- Bill Goldstein --
“If it didn’t happen at least 25 years ago, it ain’t ‘back in the day'."
-- Bill Goldstein --
“Confidence is everything. Unfortunately there’s only one way to acquire it … experience success.”
-- Bill Goldstein --
“Why don't people whisper in libraries anymore? But talk on a cell phone? Hell, you’d probably get arrested.”
-- Bill Goldstein --
“The key to negotiating is to care, but not too much. If you want it bad, you’ll get it bad.”
-- Bill Goldstein --
“Punctuality is vastly underrated. Want less stress? Be early.”
-- Bill Goldstein --
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About Bill

Lawyer turned sports executive turned humorist/writer. After stints at Madison Square Garden and the NBA, Bill co-founded one of the first sports marketing agencies which he owned and operated for 35 years. Now, free from the boardroom, Bill has stopped hiring the talent and has become the talent.

Here’s Bill serving up a little spice to SiriusXM’s show,
“The Starting Lineup”

Two Good Minutes. Bill Goldstein calls-in to hosts Frank Isola & Brian Scalabrine (October 3, 2023)
"Bill Goldstein … there's nobody like him. Razor sharp. Fearless. Authentic. And his stories – told only the way he can tell them – stop you in your tracks.”
-- Billie Jean King, Legend --
“Bravo, Bill! Great stories. Great energy. Your writing is voice-y, entertaining, loaded with personality and completely relatable.”
-- Robert Lipsyte, New York Times columnist --
"Think a mash-up of Jerry Seinfeld, Bill Maher, Larry David and Andy Rooney. Plus, he looks like Richard Gere, writes like Michael Lewis and sounds like JFK.”
-- William H. Elin, Writer, Producer/Director --
"Bill has natural star power. It’s not just what he says. It’s how he says it. He’d be a major asset to any content provider smart enough to turn him loose.”
-- Phill Keith, Best-Selling Author/Screenwriter --


Bite sized, irreverent bursts about anything and everything.


"Not That You Asked"

Always fast and edgy. A shot of whiskey in a white wine spritzer world.



Excerpts of Speech at San Diego State University
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